New publications for the new year!

Hello and a happy new year to everyone. I ended a strange year with something positive – first I recorded my piece for a show on radio Suffolk which is connected to the Wolsey Writers. This project was about ‘Transformation Myths’ and my poem closes the show, along with an introduction to a song. It’s playing out on January 11th and looks really good. Here is the link:

Also, on December 18th, the poems which were published recently in Minerva Rising were played on air on Radio Suffolk and Norfolk, which there is still time to hear, or get hold of the book celebrating Women’s suffrage.

Here they are, as read on the show.

Stepping out On Derby Day; Natasha; Dysmorphic – written and read by Virginia Betts.

Secondly, to begin the new year, I also heard my poem Lost Property was selected for a worldwide anthology. Here is the link to buy this:

Finally, I recorded a debate for a chat show on Radio Norfolk, which is going out on December 14th – more details as they come.

All in all, a good end to a tricky year, and a great start to the new one.

See you later, Virginia.x

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