The Rented Room-story taster

For a taster of the first story in my forthcoming collection, The Camera Obscure, head over to Amazon and take a look at The Weird and Whatnot July 2019. Read a preview: The Rented Room. (by Virginia Betts 2019) It is commonly understood that along with a birth, a death, and a divorce, movingContinue reading “The Rented Room-story taster”

Theatre project

At long last I am able to publicise the project I have been working on this Summer. Five of us have been working with the New Wolsey and Hightide Theatre to produce a professional sound installation play/piece called ‘Lullaby,’ which is a surreal and fragmented piece focusing on stories from a family in lockdown. IContinue reading “Theatre project”


I was very hopeful that the abortion laws which allows people to terminate the lives of Down’s syndrome babies would be overturned today. I am in no way anti-abortion – I am pro-choice for women. But losing the case today, the woman who has challenged these laws spoke of having to justify her existence.Continue reading “disappointed”

Ever felt cheated? ‘Spoofing’ warning.

Well, I am on a roll today. Thought I would share my story as a warning not to get involved with accident management companies. In April this year, we had a car accident when a guy who was not driving too carefully crashed into my car, spinning it 180 into oncoming traffic. In a panicContinue reading “Ever felt cheated? ‘Spoofing’ warning.”