New publications for the new year!

Hello and a happy new year to everyone. I ended a strange year with something positive – first I recorded my piece for a show on radio Suffolk which is connected to the Wolsey Writers. This project was about ‘Transformation Myths’ and my poem closes the show, along with an introduction to a song. It’sContinue reading “New publications for the new year!”

Winning and losing

I managed to get a very dark and emotional story based on a true life experience (not mine) on the shortlist of a magazine competition. As you can see, I didn’t win it. I did receive two emails which hinted it was a clear personal favourite, which elicited a really powerful emotional response. TheContinue reading “Winning and losing”


I was very hopeful that the abortion laws which allows people to terminate the lives of Down’s syndrome babies would be overturned today. I am in no way anti-abortion – I am pro-choice for women. But losing the case today, the woman who has challenged these laws spoke of having to justify her existence.Continue reading “disappointed”

Ever felt cheated? ‘Spoofing’ warning.

Well, I am on a roll today. Thought I would share my story as a warning not to get involved with accident management companies. In April this year, we had a car accident when a guy who was not driving too carefully crashed into my car, spinning it 180 into oncoming traffic. In a panicContinue reading “Ever felt cheated? ‘Spoofing’ warning.”