gaining and losing…

So, I joined weight watchers two months ago to lose a few pounds. Ok, I am not exactly overweight. But I had indulged in too much of the old wine over lockdown, and my little clothes were suddenly a bit snug. Hmm. Time to feel comfortable in my skin again. So, yeah. Three weeks later, I lost a stone. Then they changed the plan! And I started gaining weight. Yep. Paying to gain, and although I am a keen swimmer and walker, and I love veggies – wow! Personal points made me turn almost vegan and begin to find veggies a chore.

I took matters into my own hands. I got the book for the old smart points system. I wrote it all down for one week. No extras; no weekly points; no gains from eating veg. And BINGO! I lost 5 pounds. (that’s 2.5 kg) Best of all, it’s free. Only 6 pounds to go and I am back to where I like to be.

message: DIY.

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