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Book image thanks to Ben White and unsplash.

Suffolk Poetry Society Open Mic

Saturday 14th May 2022 was the 8th Festival of poetry for the SPS. Solioquy in rehearsal, as ‘Janie’ The rehearsals went well and the show was great fun!

In defence of the young

Why is it that some narrow-minded folk dislike young people? Are they jealous of them, or were they so badly behaved in their youth that they have a stereotypical view which is based on their own experience? I had all but booked Felixstowe Ferry Sailing club for my son’s 21st Birthday party. I’ve booked aContinue reading “In defence of the young”

Poetry in performance

On Saturday, I am going to perform as the ghost of Anne Boleyn once again, and also Helen of Troy, where the audience will be able to witness my transformation from beauty to UGLY! I hope to terrify a few people. The quick change of costume and wig will be fantastic fun, and it marksContinue reading “Poetry in performance”

Tales and tunes: Angry Ghosts

Last night I was honoured to play the Ghost of Anne Boleyn in The King’s Head in Woodbridge, reading from the featured Artist’s poetry book, ‘Thirty Angry Ghosts.’ This is an amazing and popular collection, featuring biographies about each ‘ghost.’ It’s great fun and really well-researched. The actors brought the poetry to life last nightContinue reading “Tales and tunes: Angry Ghosts”


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