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New poetry is out!

My three new poems, Natasha, Stepping out on Derby Day and Dysmorphic are all published in the latest issues of Minerva Rising. It’s the women’s suffrage issue, so it’s great read. I think it is only available on line in the UK (although I hope to have a print copy) but it is beautifully produced.Continue reading “New poetry is out!”

sea shanty weekend!

A very busy weekend has prevented me from blogging- and this week the first proofs of my book arrived so I now have to check all the edits. But with a little free time on a Sunday, I thought I’d catch up with what I have been up to. Last weekend I saw The Fisherman’sContinue reading “sea shanty weekend!”


On many occasions I have been asked ‘What do you do for a living?’ and of course I reply I am a full time tutor. I certainly do it for a ‘living,’ and often people do not realise that it is my only career since I left full time teaching in a school. Many tutorsContinue reading “Tutoring”

The Rented Room-story taster

For a taster of the first story in my forthcoming collection, The Camera Obscure, head over to Amazon and take a look at The Weird and Whatnot July 2019. Read a preview: The Rented Room. (by Virginia Betts 2019) It is commonly understood that along with a birth, a death, and a divorce, movingContinue reading “The Rented Room-story taster”

Theatre project

At long last I am able to publicise the project I have been working on this Summer. Five of us have been working with the New Wolsey and Hightide Theatre to produce a professional sound installation play/piece called ‘Lullaby,’ which is a surreal and fragmented piece focusing on stories from a family in lockdown. IContinue reading “Theatre project”

Dodie London Show

So, in the spirit of more adventure, I rocked up to the London Dodie show, which was even more spectacular than Manchester – there were 5000 people at the Hammersmith Apollo, and, as ever, lively and really friendly fans. I was amused at one comment by door staff – a young girl noticed me talkingContinue reading “Dodie London Show”

How I managed to get fuel…

I set the alarm for 3.15 am on Sunday morning and headed out to the 24 hour garage. It seems a few people had the same cunning plan, but there were only 4 people on the forecourt, so I have full tank. What a mess this country is!


I was very hopeful that the abortion laws which allows people to terminate the lives of Down’s syndrome babies would be overturned today. I am in no way anti-abortion – I am pro-choice for women. But losing the case today, the woman who has challenged these laws spoke of having to justify her existence.Continue reading “disappointed”


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