David Lloyd Book club April: The Power of The Dog.

Well! What an incredible book! I have to confess, I watched the film on Netflix first, which I don’t usually do if I want to read the book. I had heard it was a slow-burner and a friend who had seen it said they did not like it, which of course made me interested. ConvincedContinue reading “David Lloyd Book club April: The Power of The Dog.”

David Lloyd Book Club reviews: March

HOW TO STOP TIME by Matt Haig. The group chose this book as the second book to discuss and we were not wrong to do so. It prompted a great deal of thoughtful discussion which went on for almost 2 hours. I didn’t get the author to join us this time, as he’s quite busy,Continue reading “David Lloyd Book Club reviews: March”

David Lloyd book club reviews: February.

THE MIS-EDUCATION OF EVIE EPWORTH by MATSON TAYLOR. I chose this book because, firstly I like it. I happen to know the author, having met him at a book signing and we have chatted a few times. Matson Taylor is probably one of the loveliest and most friendly people I know. This led to theContinue reading “David Lloyd book club reviews: February.”

A link to my books

The Camera Obscure is a collection of supernatural, dystopian and magical realist stories which surprise and challenge, sometimes amuse. This collection holds up a mirror to the darkest sides of the human psyche, reflecting universal themes and experiences with a nod to the Victorian Gothic era. Tourist to the Sun is a collection of poetryContinue reading “A link to my books”


If you watch carefully, you will notice something about this child. Blink, and you’ll miss it. Only the very observant among you will see it. All right, are you ready? See that little girl there, the one in the long blue party dress? Yes, that one with the big trusting eyes and the short darkContinue reading “Gifted”

My first time on a live Twitch stream for World Poetry Read Aloud day!

Just had a fantastic time on the twitch stream of ‘Sailing Ocelot’. What a fantastic host! She was generous enough to allow me to perform 4 of my poems which I think the audience enjoyed. I wish I had learned them all, as you can’t look at the camera properly when you read them, butContinue reading “My first time on a live Twitch stream for World Poetry Read Aloud day!”

To the New Year!

So, I am back. Today is one of those days where I just ave no energy and want to spend it hunkered down indoors in a cosy hoodie. I juts spent 1 hour deleting old emails, and I still have 8000 to go. Any suggestions? I find this gives me an utter headache and IContinue reading “To the New Year!”

A modern fairy tale.

Feeling inspired. A little poem: A Modern Fairy Tale. Envy is a mean-eyed bitch; a talentless witch, who sits in her empty coven, cooking up futile spells  in her barren oven. Jealousy is her small-minded daughter; a shapeless lump, who sits hunched in her infertile cave, fingers poised with her poison pen; follows Envy toContinue reading “A modern fairy tale.”