Tales and tunes: Angry Ghosts

Last night I was honoured to play the Ghost of Anne Boleyn in The King’s Head in Woodbridge, reading from the featured Artist’s poetry book, ‘Thirty Angry Ghosts.’ This is an amazing and popular collection, featuring biographies about each ‘ghost.’ It’s great fun and really well-researched. The actors brought the poetry to life last night in this professional even hosted by Justine de Mierre.

Here is a link to the performances in action https://www.facebook.com/justinedemierre/videos/944355492894312

I can’t wait to be the ‘Featured artist’ when my collection is out!

It is an event which could prove to be very popular – do something different and go along next time one of these is on. In the open mic, you get a chance to read your own work too! Justine is, as ever, a compelling host and performer, and Mai’s poetry is really worth investing in! Get a copy for yourself; buy a copy for your school! It’s History, English and Art all in one! Keep an eye out for the audiobook!

One thought on “Tales and tunes: Angry Ghosts

  1. Thanks for your excellent portrayal of Anne Boleyn. The costume was superb and I was amazed that you even managed to get a version of the famously elusive ‘B’ necklace. Top marks!

    And thanks for spreading the news about the book. I really appreciate it.

    It’s so lovely to hear that your students are enjoying Shakespeare’s poem. It was such fun to write. I hope I’ve done him justice.


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