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Virginia has contributed several articles to the National Autistic Society Magazine, Spectrum and Your Autism Magazine will be producing a feature article written by Virginia in September 2021. Virginia made her publishing debut in The Weird and Whatnot, (July 2019) with her short story, The Rented Room.


Her poem, An Afternoon Walk, was published in the September 2019 volume of Acumen Literary Journal, which has shortlisted more poems of Virginia’s for the future. A poem titled, Tourist to the Sun, was featured in an online journal, Voices in early 2020, and Breath and Shadow, published a memoir, (Gifted) and poem (Forest) in editions of the journal Fall 2020, and Winter 2020.

Two more poems, Echo appear here in Summer 2021. Furthermore, Minerva Rising will shortly feature her poems: Dysmorphic, Stepping out on Derby Day and Natasha. Another poem, Flesh and Glass, was a semi-finalist in Sunspot Literary JournalInception’ competition and appears in a lockdown anthology, When This Is All Over, (Creative Ink Publishing) in June 2021.

Echo read by Virginia Betts

Virginia was shortlisted for The Latin Programme’s inaugural poetry prize with ‘Lost Property,’ which was published on March 4th, and she talked about this poem in conjunction with The Broadway Bookshop Poetry Sharing evening on 17th March 2021, via zoom. In July and September, The poetry Journal, Pure Slush, Lifespans Project, will feature Talking About Art (Amsterdam 1995) and Comeback. The Beckindale Poetry Review and From The Heart Poetry Journal featured poetry in March and June 2021.

A poem of Virginia’s, Comeback, appeared in the July 2021 issue of Friendship Lifespan Vol. 3.

Radio and Theatre

Virginia’s work was showcased in an interview aired on BBC Radio Suffolk on 3rd April 2021, a flash fiction on 8th May 2021, an interview with Jon wright on 25th May 2021 and a guest interview on In Conversation with Georgy Jamieson on 2nd June 2021, and interviews and poetry on Radio Norfolk and Essex in June and July, with poems being broadcast on the BBC throughout 2021. Virginia has been a guest on Jon Wright’s fantasy pub throughout 2021. Three Haiku were published on 14th May 2021 in Love The Words Poetry Anthology 2021 for International Dylan Thomas Day: How Time Has Ticked A Heaven Round The Stars (Infinity Books).

Finally, Virginia’s debut collection of short stories, The Camera Obscure, will be published in late 2021, and she has just completed co-writing a professional theatre production, Lullaby which is to be performed at the Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich on October 24th, 2021. https://hightide.org.uk/event/community-town-hall-morning/ click on the link to book. The written word creates a visceral sensation in Virginia; writing is her preferred method of emotional expression, and stories and poetry often come to her in dreams.