Publication teaser…

My new book, The Camera Obscure, is released on 30th June. It’s trailer time!

“She began to scrutinise the creature, taking in every inch of him. His face was like old, brown leather, weather-beaten as if he had spent too much time in the sun. His face was so lined and creased, yet at the same time, strangely shiny. He did look as if he was sleeping, creased leather eyelids shut over almost empty sockets. His body still bore clothing, cloth sacking, crusted with ancient, dried mud, slightly whitened over time like clay. The peat bog had preserved every detail perfectly, so that the ancient man looked wizened but oddly new, and as if he belonged in this modern setting as much as he belonged to a long-past age. He did not seem as if he had been in pain when he died, his face was peaceful. Death had marked his expression with his last dream; who could imagine those final images as a human life drifts suspended between reality and oblivion, all thoughts becoming fluid as the starry edges of existence fade away?” Extract from ‘The Bog Man, from The Camera Obscure, by Virginia Betts, 2022.

If you like the Gothic, the strange, The weird and the disturbing, This book of short stories is for you!

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