Book released 30th June 2022

My book of stories, The Camera Obscure, is about to be released!

My first whole book!

I am so pleased with the final product, which has been a careful collaboration between the publisher, Austin Macauley, and me. I wrote much of it just before and during lockdown – well, it gave me something to do! The process of writing is very relaxing, and I often get asked what inspires me. Well, I use people and experiences from real life, but I change, distort and exaggerate them. I am in all of the characters, and also I am none of them. I write very quickly and often come up with ideas during a walk, or in a dream. They are all quite dark and disturbing stories, but I think we all have a little bit of that somewhere in the corner of our brain.

If you want to purchase a copy, I will be arranging some signings in Ipswich, and hopefully other areas of Suffolk, and also London. You can purchase from the publisher, as below, bookshops and amazon. I am always happy to sign one, and have some here I can send out – PayPal accepted! I will be at Primadonna Festival in Stowmarket, Suffolk, around the weekend of 29th July too, and also performing there.

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