My first time on a live Twitch stream for World Poetry Read Aloud day!

Just had a fantastic time on the twitch stream of ‘Sailing Ocelot’. What a fantastic host! She was generous enough to allow me to perform 4 of my poems which I think the audience enjoyed. I wish I had learned them all, as you can’t look at the camera properly when you read them, but I am full of lines for a play I am currently learning so I need to keep those ones in my head and nothing else.

I was overwhelmed by some of the comments she read back to me and she surprised me by holding up my book which she has. I really hope everyone enjoyed it, and I am looking forward to watching the whole thing back.

Left with the best tip ever for live performing: imaging the while audience on the toilet as that really brings them down to the level of ‘human’ and not scary! Lol – thanks to my NAN for that one.

When the vid is available, I will upload the link.

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