Neurodelicious launchpad: Pioneering a new type of entertainment accessible to all!

I haven’t blogged for a while because I have been really busy rehearsing for my part in Neurodelicious Launch Pad. I’m not only performing two of my poems, Tourist to the Sun, and Masking, I am also singing and dancing as Kate Bush!

We are a cast of all neurodivergent performers and this variety cabaret show, taking place in the Cambridge Junction on 7th October 2022 and Colchester Arts Centre 23rd October, is a real twist on access arrangements and the traditional hoops you have to jump through if you have any additional needs or disabilities.

We have taken care of access! the show is available to everyone and anyone aged 14 plus. If you enjoy theatre, but find it hard to sit in the dark, sit still or need a comfy blanket – this is the show for you! Equally, you can sit still and silent and still enjoy it. Every single show is a relaxed performance.

Like ice-cream, we have many flavours to our show. Spoken word, song, dance, film, poetry and stories with my Kate Bush tribute, it is truly delicious to the senses. There are light and bubbly fun moments and darker, more thoughtful pieces. Feel free to join in – although I challenge you to reach the high notes of Wuthering Heights!’

I have recorded the song myself and hopefully it will bead to tell if it is Kate or me singing. I have had my routine professionally choreographed by Chloe Akasha and I am soo excited. For more info check to the website: and read all about the cast and our purpose.

After the first performances we will be touring next Spring. I can’t wait and I hope to see a big audience for this pioneering project.

rehearsing ‘Tourist to the Sun’ with Christina Jane
Rehearsing for Kate Bush
We are Neurodelicious
trying the wingspan out for size

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