The Camera Obscure: writing the stories story 7, Eternal Recurrence.

This story is the strangest and perhaps darkest of all. I wrote it first, a long time ago, although I have edited a lot since then. The title’s premise is a theory by the Greeks, and adopted by Nietzsche, that the universe is continually recurring and will continue to do so.; life is cyclical, good and bad. He predicted that with the decline of religion, it would take strong, self disciplined individuals to master morality and rise above the others. Unfortunately, Hitler was a fan, and interpreted it to suit himself and following him, narcissistic killers like Ian Brady also found himself fascinated with the ideas. I’d read a book about Ian Brady (the infamous Moors Murderer) and this influenced this story. If such a thing as ‘evil’ exists, he is its definition, but Evil isn’t a religious concept for me – it is very much rooted in real people who are simply ‘bad’ or narcissistic.

I’m fascinated by crime, and the minds of serial killers and I have met narcissistic people who are not killers, but are totally convinced that their acts are justified. So I wrote with the voice of a killer, who is convinced he is above everyone else. I used a classic profile, and even borrowed and re-shaped some of the words of famous killers. The story shows narcissistic thinking but it also touches on the idea of what we sometimes call ‘fate’ – that life is cyclical and certain pivotal decisions may lead to the birth, or not, of such people. For instance Hitler was perhaps destined to drown, but was rescued by a priest! If not these people though, there would always be someone else equally as terrible coming along.

I hope I have created an authentic voice, but I am telling now – IT ISN”T ME!!!

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