Writing my book, The Camera Obscure:Story 6 A Gallery of Tigers.

The Camera Obscure

This story is a really strange one, but one I am proud of. It is a magical realist story, but it is really about abuse. The child, William, is treated very badly by his father and to escape him he finds himself disappearing into a painting and transforming. There are a lot of dark issues in this one. William grows up, believing his experience was imagined as a child. He briefly meets a girl called Lia, who seems inconsequential, but we meet her in another story later on. I like that- characters wandering about in the book!

When William is a man, he gets a letter that makes him even more desolate, but he gets a sort of ‘revenge’ at the end. Despite its darkness, you will feel good by the end of the story.

I have no idea where this one came from – what dark recesses of the mind it sprang from, but I like its realism, as well as the supernatural events.

I’ve enjoyed spooky painting stories since I encountered Dorian Gray as a child. I hope you feel the fatter gets his just desserts.

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