Suffolk Poetry Society 8th Festival

On May 14th, I will be performing in a new play in verse written by Peter Sandberg.

It tells the story, through a variety of cleverly interwoven verse, of Janie and Paul, two unlikely lovers – one who loves gardens and the other who adores trains!

But, as the play concludes, “Life moves on through sun and rain; its metaphor a railway train, whose constant rhythm calls, “All Change!”

So you may have gathered that it’s not always such a smooth journey for the couple on their rail road to true love, where their love can bloom.

Spurred on by busy-bodies in the form of a Greek style chorus of gossiping neighbours, I can promise you that it’s full of action, movement and beautiful rhythms. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have rehearsing it. I star alongside Steve Roche. Buy your tickets – or link in via zoom – this is something different and you won’t regret it!

Suffolk Poetry Society

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