Women’s Institute Showcase

Just had the most amazing time acting for the Women’s Institute Showcase in Orford Street, Ipswich, Suffolk today. The ladies were all very welcoming and friendly, and the reception they gave us was incredibly enthusiastic.

I was playing Helen of Troy today, one of the ‘Angry Ghosts’ from author Mai Black’s phenomenal poetry collection. I regularly enjoy and outing as Anne Boleyn or dear old Helen, and I look forward to doing more ghosts and more bookings.

Thank you for your poems, Mai, and for the chance to dress up again. I always love the reaction to the surprise when I transform to ‘ugly’ by tearing the wig of and smearing the lipstick over my face!

I choose UGLY!

I will update you further on everything I have been up to during the course of this week – been busy living it, so haven’t had much time to write about it. However, I am still writing, teaching and performing.

I also plan to do some reviews, as I had time to read and watch movies when I was hit by the horrid covid – but I am pleased to report it is all gone, and we should not fear it as much as we might think if we are healthy and vaccinated. See you soon readers, I am now about to double check the final proof of my forthcoming book!

Virginia. x

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