Lullaby – a venture into professional theatre

I have always been into theatre – I am LAMDA qualified, and used to do quite a bit of acting. (in fact- isn’t that life sometimes anyway?) But my first venture into professional theatre writing was in October 2021. I applied along with, I think, over 500 people during lockdown, to write for a company called Hightide, who are a new but established and respected company. They were working with The Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich. I did not know what the project would be, but this year I was contacted and had been chosen woodside 5 others to produce a play about a family in lockdown.

The production ultimately became a sound installation piece, which actually works brilliantly on headphones, and would be great on radio. I hope very much to write for them again. I am uploading it here if you missed it at the theatre, and it is my voice singing my lyrics, as well as contributing to the monologues, writing the teenage boy, a poem, flesh and glass being used, and some of the sound design. I’ll also list the other writers here to credit them. I hope you enjoy it.


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