A brief holiday…

The time came to take a short break. Of course, I did a bit of work!

However, I did manage to visit London for a long weekend and I thoroughly recommend a visit to Madame Tussaud’s. I first went aged around 4 in the 70’s, and I enjoyed the chamber of horrors, naturally. In fact, the part I most enjoyed at the weekend was actually seeing some of the original exhibits. It has changed so much – much more interactive and fast -paced. It wasn’t too crowded.

which is the waxwork?

We stayed in Whitechapel, so naturally I paid a visit to The Ten Bells, where the Ripper victims enjoyed their last drinks before being brutally murdered. How exciting! – I mean, how terrible… The Jack The Ripper Museum is also worth a look.

Finding a body in the Ripper museum, Whitechapel.

Finally, we rounded it all off with a halloween visit to the O2 for the Twisted Circus event. it’s the latest night I have had for a decade!

Twisted Circus freak event!
might keep the hair…

Aah, London – good for the soul.

Now it’s back to work – finish the book first proof read and keep going!

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