Adieu, for now, to my uncle

Almost exactly a week ago, the 16th November 2021, at 2.15, my dear Uncle Richard died suddenly. I haven’t really felt in the mood to blog, or be creative, although I have no doubt he will inspire something creative. I wanted to share a little personal tribute to him here.

Richard was a really funny person – larger than life, always making jokes – impressively he could remember the most complex ones to the punchline – a real character who is very memorable. He had played in a band since the age of 15 – singing since the Beatles were around- and recently he’d been in a band again. The last gig I saw was very lively and I danced all night. I am happy to have footage of that night. He loved zany humour – particularly Monty Python, Peter Sellers and all the goons, and had a fondness for the ‘Trumpet Volunteer’ sketch by Sellers, and more recently the Pirate song by Fisherman’s Friends. He knew all the words to every sketch he enjoyed. He also liked Norman Wisdom and similar humour. It was definitely my sort of humour! We once had a great night listening to the sketches and joining in. He also liked good food. The one regret I have is I never had one of his curries, but the BBQ’s were great.

Richard leaves a legacy of achievements – notably in the fire service, and through his music. He was lucky that he had lived quite a full life – been travelling with his large family and seen all the big events like his golden Wedding anniversary, my parents’ Golden Wedding, his 70th Birthday, his wife’s 70th, his dad’s 95th (and he is still with us going on 96!) and his daughter’s wedding. He was at my wedding, he was at my 40th and saw me on my 50th, and he played with his band at my husband’s 40th. He also had 3 grandchildren and was a good friend to my son. He did not suffer from a long drawn out illness in the end, but went to sleep in the middle of a conversation. I don’t think he expected it quite so soon, but the loose ends were pretty much tied up.

His spirit will live on – and it’s reminded me that however long we live, we should always make the most of it. I have achieved a lot, but I am resolved to do more!

So see you later ( and I do mean much later) Uncle Richard, keep rocking on til we meet again, and I promise I will put coloured lights instead of white on my Christmas tree this year.

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