Oh the pain of it!

Two days ago I tired to book a GP appointment. Suddenly there is a new telephone system which simply hangs up on you with ‘YOU are sorry, your call cannot continue at this time.’ Weird. So I ave palpitations – had them before years ago – linked to stress and exhaustion I think. But of course, I should see someone about this, and I can’t simply get beta blockers as who knows if it’s serious (I don’t think it is… but…People in my family have heart conditions…) So I got myself private medical Insurance a couple of months ago and I thought why not try this. I used their free dr service, whereupon I was prescribed lots of diagnostics (which will load up my premium!) Maybe I should get these tests, but I thought ‘I will try the NHS gp one more time.’ Got an answer, only to be told I have to call at 8 am (like I have done for the past 2 days) and hang on until I get an answer, but OH! their new phone system isn’t working properly and can only load up 20 calls in the cloud at a time. THEN they have the GP e consult online system. So I tried that. Went through all the questions and at the end I got a message – ‘you cannot safely go on, you need to talk to someone today.’ Please boo an appointment with your gp. Which I cannot do, as they do not answer the phone. What is happening to the NHS? I think the government are trying to privatise it by stealth. I would never criticise the workers but really! What a farce. I could be dead before I get any joy so I am going to do what my bank account says I don’t want to do. I’m going with the insurance. Goodbye Great British institution. Soon the time will come when we have to pay £500 just to walk into A and E. So very sad.

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