New poetry is out!

My three new poems, Natasha, Stepping out on Derby Day and Dysmorphic are all published in the latest issues of Minerva Rising. It’s the women’s suffrage issue, so it’s great read. I think it is only available on line in the UK (although I hope to have a print copy) but it is beautifully produced. This is the link, and I will upload audios of my poems soon.

I hope you enjoy this brilliant anthology and check out Minerva Rising’s other issues. My poems deal with universal struggles for women – Natasha was prompted by the death of Natasha Abrahart, a student whose mental health issues sadly took her life. I was moved by her parents’ struggle for justice, as Natasha’s issue did not get recognition or help in time. Stepping Out.. is a poem about Emily Wilding Davidson, the suffragette who died in front of the king’s horse. Finally, Dysmorphic deals with the complexity of body dysmorphic condition which also includes themes about society’s expectations of women and the pressures on them, relationships, abuse, addiction and trauma. (yes- all in one poem!) Take from it what you want – I hope they all say something important and speak to you.

Here’s an audio of me reading the poems:

Dysmorphic, written and read by Virginia Betts, 2020.
Stepping out on Derby Day, written and read by Virginia Betts, 2020

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