sea shanty weekend!

A very busy weekend has prevented me from blogging- and this week the first proofs of my book arrived so I now have to check all the edits. But with a little free time on a Sunday, I thought I’d catch up with what I have been up to. Last weekend I saw The Fisherman’s Friends at the Regent in Ipswich, and the next day I attended the Harwich Sea Shanty Festival. So it was ho ho ho and anchor’s away.

The Fisherman’s Friends

The Fisherman, of Port Isaac, shot to fame after a music producer, in their words, ‘discovered’ them. They are now a very famous and popular Sea Shanty and Folk band and there is even a film based on their story. (which is brilliant by the way.) They appeal to any age group and reflect our sea-faring ancestors in their tradition and new songs. A new film, a musical and an album will follow next year – and I know, as I’ve had a little chat with their manager.

On Sunday, a band who are just as brilliant are the Essex band, the Motley Crew. They played in Harwich with lots of style, great sound and an entertaining performance aspect, which has led me to wanting to book them for a party. Here they are:

The Motley Crew from Brightlingsea

Looking forward to hearing both bands again.

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