Theatre project

At long last I am able to publicise the project I have been working on this Summer. Five of us have been working with the New Wolsey and Hightide Theatre to produce a professional sound installation play/piece called ‘Lullaby,’ which is a surreal and fragmented piece focusing on stories from a family in lockdown. I have written poetry, and contributed a monologue by a teenage boy for the script, and we have all contributed parts of the script and workshopped ideas about lighting, sound, dialogue etc. It looks exciting and I can’t wait to see the final form myself. Tickets are free and the link to this particular production, which is part of a festival at the Theatre from 22nd October, is here I’d love you to come and support and show your interest in this venture. All of us 5 writers were chosen out of many applications and it’s been a really fun creative project. I would love to work with them again!

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