Wardrobe malfunctions and Premieres

Stuck in traffic and listening to the radio this morning, I heard that one of the journalists went to the Bond premiere only to discover he had an issue with his posh new shoes: he had two left feet. It got me thinking.

The last film Premiere I attended – OK, the ONLY one, was in the Year 2000, in Leicester Square to see the film Best, about George Best. Thank goodness I did not have a wardrobe malfunction myself, but being me, I noticed that quite a few of the famous did – there were bra straps, loose laces, torn hems all spotted. One person, who shall not be named, told me at the party afterwards that he had different colour shoes. So it isn’t just the mere mortals who suffer these disasters. Georgie Best, still with us at the time, did not even show up. I wonder why???? I did enjoy it though, especially gate crashing the VIP bit by simply insisting, in a ‘won’t take no for an answer’ manner, that I needed to speak to Daniel Day-Lewis. So up the shiny stairs I trotted, tapped DDL on the shoulder whilst he was talking to Patsy Kensit and shook his hand to congratulate him on his performance as Mr Best. You should have seen his face! I know he was trying to work out if he should know me! And off I swept in my lavender silk Chinese dress. Sorry about that, Daniel Day-Lewis. The puzzle is now solved.

On the topic of wardrobe malfunctions, I will try and think if I have had any worth sharing, but my family seem to have perfected the art. My parents’ wedding had issues with trousers – my dad’s were too long and bunched up, and my Grandad’s had one leg wider than the other. Other stories I have heard are about the aunt whose knicker elastic regularly ‘went’ and the knickers would descend. Apparently on one occasion she seamlessly stepped out of them in the middle of the town centre and popped them in her handbag to continue her somewhat chilly shop. Hmm. Now to have one descending knicker incident may be regarded as a misfortune; to have more than one looks like carelessness – and highly suspicious. Not a close blood relation I trust?

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

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