Dodie London Show

So, in the spirit of more adventure, I rocked up to the London Dodie show, which was even more spectacular than Manchester – there were 5000 people at the Hammersmith Apollo, and, as ever, lively and really friendly fans. I was amused at one comment by door staff – a young girl noticed me talking to a girl of around 23 and said she thought it was lovely people had come with their mums! So finally my cover is blown and I am obviously ‘a mum.’ I did wonder how I would feel if I’d been a mature looking 30 year old rather than a young looking 50 though. Also, I wasn’t the poor girl’s mum. My son was off talking to other people.

I liked the fact that these organisers are obviously clued up about the covid science – it was either proof of double vac or a lateral flow test. (not sure they are totally reliable but hey…) Some places insist on both where everyone is vaccinated – which would protect everyone anyway! I guess covid is something we have to live with. Cases may rise, but hospitalisation and death isn’t rising – putting it in perspective, more people die of the flu than covid now. Even Universities are not offering fully live lectures, which is disappointing. We do need to try to get back to a normal life now I think.

Anyway, back to the show: Dodie is a truly spectacular performer, with an amazing band and beautiful music. Oh the strings! I love the way the fans sing along to all the songs (me too)- you are getting like the Beatles, Dodie! However, I sometimes wish they would be quiet for songs like Guiltless, as 500 strong shouting doesn’t convey the heart-rending emotion in this song. That, and Party Tattoos always make me cry- the latter because I am older I think – the idea of sending a ‘wish you were here’ postcard to myself at 85 – Oh yes, I will wish I was there! Wait til you arrive in your half century, Dodie! Can I just give you young things a bit of cheer though? It gets better. That said, I wouldn’t mind being me as I am now, but the age of 26 to live the time again!

Girl – you rock that uniform!

I loved being showered with the confetti cannon – everything was so pretty – phone lights ( and a rogue LIGHTER at the Manchester gig – HOW did someone get a live flame in the building?!??) waved about by the whole audience; pride flags waved at the right moments and glitter falling from above – the whole thing had a fairy land magical quality. When I WAS in my 20’s, I’ve seen so many live gigs – Elton John, Madonna, Suede, the Smiths, Blur, Oasis, The Cardiacs (who?) and I can safely say Dodie is truly a unique star and she’s still ascending.

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