A link to my books

The Camera Obscure is a collection of supernatural, dystopian and magical realist stories which surprise and challenge, sometimes amuse. This collection holds up a mirror to the darkest sides of the human psyche, reflecting universal themes and experiences with a nod to the Victorian Gothic era.

Tourist to the Sun is a collection of poetry with the overriding theme of the brevity of time. A range of poetic forms are included with some highly visual imagery and richly observed detail. The poems have been performed on stage and on BBC Radio, as well as individually published in acclaimed literary journals.

Author biography.

Virginia Betts is a tutor, writer and actor living in Ipswich, Suffolk in the UK. She taught English for many years, and then started a tuition business, Results Tutoring, where she specialises in Neurodiverse learning styles. She is a proud autistic woman herself. During the lockdown period, Virginia had a poem and a story published, and after that nothing could stop her. She has had several poems and articles published and has gone on to write and publish, The Camera Obscure, which is a collection of stories of the supernatural and gothic kind, and Tourist to the Sun, a full collection of poetry, the theme of which is time. She is a regular guest on BBC radio where she had performed her work, and is also a professional actor and performer, appearing in a play for the Suffolk Poetry Society, at Primadonna Festival in Suffolk, and is part of an exciting project, The Neurodelicious Launch Pad, a touring troop of all-neurodiverse performers appearing at large venues across the Eastern region and fringe festivals. Virginia is currently working on her next book of poetry and more stories. 

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