Neurodelicious debut

So, it’s the day before. Rehearsal without tech has made me feel nervous as my sound was great over one PA system and not so much yesterday. I looked at the soundboard though and have been reassured it will be fine when the techs set it up. So I have imposter syndrome today. Do they like me? Will it be awful? Having to kick that brain into touch.

Plenty of time to sort out and relax as I am off to Cambridge early to settle and do run throughs and look at sound hopefully before anyone else arrives. I like to do this and I like to do it alone. Other than that costume changes and make up were fairly straightforward. Adrenalin makes the performance great and even with a relatively small audience we are going to hit it with everything we’ve got.

Wow! writing this has really helped. I should be doing a bit more of my next novel, but I can’t do anything but perform first. Then I can sort out all the other things I have neglected. Except tutoring. I’ve been full on with that. I am happy people have bee very understanding I have had to have some rehearsal time and performance days clear though. AS I write, I have just had an email to send photos so I can appear in yet another magazine. I took a photo of my latest infliltration into the times of Ipswich!

In touch magazine.

Meanwhile, I am very proud to be part of the debut of Neurodelicious as it is such a pioneering and important project and I can see it going on to bigger things! Already we have bookings next year and one on main stage in the Wolsey Theatre. People are getting behind our project and I really want to got on to develop my creative talent and projects further with them and my other artistic creations as well. I’m already writing the second book of stories, the next poetry book and crucially my fantasy novel. I’m applying for funding to help with this.

Other projects coming up:

spoken word and acting in Cambridge.

I’m also taking this show to Gainsborough library in Ipswich on 29th October for halloween fun! and performing as Anne Boleyn in Felixstowe on Saturday night.

So, I am now gearing up for tomorrow but looking forward to 5th November when I can have a bit of a rest. xx

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