I won a prize!

I won’t be blogging for a week as I am taking a little holiday. But I had to share the news of my exciting day yesterday.

In the morning I arrived at The Two Sisters Arts Centre for the Felixstowe Book Festival events I was booked into – a Neurodivergent workshop for writers and also The path to publication. In the second presentation, run by Author Ruth Dugdall (I went to school with her!), Mai Black spoke about self-publishing, and it was really informative and amazing to be able to chat to Emma Shercliff, a very approachable literary agent – Laxfield Literary associates (an agent from Suffolk) and also briefly speak to a publisher from Legend Press. Ruth did an excellent job hosting and any questions I had in mind were clarified. Also present was the lovely Jules from Woodbridge Emporium, and I hope to be able to discuss a book event with her soon.

The neurodivergent workshop was really interesting and it generated an idea now in progress.

The highlight of the day was winning second place for the University of Suffolk/Felixstowe Book Festival 2022 short story emerging writers prize. So, like one from an egg, I am ’emerging’ slowly onto the creative scene. I got a great review for this piece of work, The Re-union, and I will definitely publish it either in my next story collection or elsewhere. Please follow me on Twitter, @ResultsGin, Insta ginnb900 and also TikTok – where I am having fun making vids.

Getting a prize from Amanda Hodgkinson.

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