In defence of the young

Why is it that some narrow-minded folk dislike young people? Are they jealous of them, or were they so badly behaved in their youth that they have a stereotypical view which is based on their own experience?

I had all but booked Felixstowe Ferry Sailing club for my son’s 21st Birthday party. I’ve booked a sea shanty band. It is a family party, consisting of his lovely friends, some of whom I have know for around 18 years, and many others, age range 18 – 96!

But today, I was told that the manager will not have any parties for people under 25 as young people cause damage and also near the water – well – who knows what those pesky young people might do.

Apart from being discrimination on the grounds of age, which is technically not allowed, my son and our family are not the kind of people who cause damage. He doesn’t even drink alcohol for goodness’ sake. In my experience, the people who are more likely to cause trouble or get drunk are people in their 40’s and 50’s – and what is the difference between 21 and 25 anyway? I am pretty sure my 96 year old grandfather isn’t going to run riot…

So, having mentioned this to my son, he’s decided he is insulted, and we are looking elsewhere. Good one Felixstowe Sailing club – I wish you joy with the oldies, (because we all know people over 25 are so sober and well behaved,) and the loss of bookings due to ridiculous stereotyping and prejudicial assumptions. I work with young people, and they are absolutely lovely. What shocking disrespect. These are the people who will determine YOUR future, and let me tell you, they are far more sensible than, say, someone older who wants, war, or wrecks the environment.

Three cheers for the young!!

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