The Rise and Fall of Thomas Wolsey.

I have been rather busy rehearsing for a play by Suzanne Hawkes for Black and White Productions .

The play is timed to coincide with the 550th Birthday year of Cardinal THOMAS WOLSEY, that famous son of Ipswich. Tudor characters, Wolsey, Thomas Crowmwell, and the women in their lives are brought to life to explore the manipulations of women and the political machinations of men in the time of Henry VIII. We see Wolsey rise from a young man to the red-robed figure we recognise, and witness a time of turbulence and change as Henry falls for Anne Boleyn. The play is based on the writings of George Cavendish, who also appears on the stage.

I am playing Elizabeth Barton. Barton was a crazed prophet who set herself against Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, no less. She gained followers, although was probably used as a pawn for the political machinations of men and eventually came to a sticky end. You can see her sprawled across the steps here, having one of her visions. I hope you enjoy my portrayal of her!

I also bring to life Mary Boleyn, sister of the more infamous Anne, but first to be the mistress of Henry VIII. Anne cruelly displaced Mary, who gave birth to children by the King, but I’d say Mary got the better deal in the end. It pays to keep your head! Watch me getting seductive next week and the week after in The Rise and Fall of THOMAS WOLSEY, a play by Suzanne Hawkes, at the Trimley Two Sisters Arts centre, Aldeburgh and Old Felixstowe St Peter and St Paul, Ipswich St Peter on the Waterfront, St Mary’s church, Bucklesham from 12th April. Tickets on ticket source for Black and White Productions.

In this picture I am seducing Poor old Cromwell, played by Steve Roche.

I have really enjoyed creating these completely contrasting characters, and I look forward to making one of the most terrifyingly dramatic entrances of all time! Make sure you have your waterproof pants and check your pacemakers! Enjoy!

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