Deeply offensive, abelist article

I just read this – and honestly, I don’t know whether to laugh at the ignorance, or simply despair. Would we force the blind to see, or the day to hear to fit in with this narrow little world? This article is suggesting that if we train autistic kids to behave like ‘normal’ people then perhaps all this autism nonsense will all go away. Why do they have to be forced to do things which don’t come naturally to please people who think there is only one way to be human. Are we next going to try to dye black skin white? WTH? The newspaper should be mindful of spewing this sort of thing – it’s one step away from encouraging eugenics. It may reduce diagnosis, but it does not take away the struggles and could lead to severe mental health problems later in life instead. We want inclusively, not abolish here is the link – share and despair.

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