Back to work!

Well, all right, I can’t discount the fact that I have done some work over the Summer and I have been busily involved in co writing for a theatrical production – the details will be revealed shortly! I am also getting stuck in, finally, to my novel – a ghost story. More about that later though.

When I say ‘back to work,’ I mean my tutoring. I begin, oddly, midweek – tomorrow in fact. My writing gives me creative expression, but I love my tutoring work equally, as I can pore over texts in forensic detail and enjoy teaching my students to look for an interesting and in-depth view. I love to unlock the secrets of analysis, whilst also helping them to meet the requirements to not only pass the exam, but to pass well.

It’s been a challenging two years with no exams to sit. I do welcome the return of exams for a few reasons. They are not perfect ways of assessment – examiners are human and sometimes error occur and necessitate a re-mark. teacher assessment is usually professional and fair, but sometimes there can be unconscious bias when the stunts are known. Sometimes the teacher thinks they now what a student can achieve and can underestimate a final performance.

I remember when we had both coursework which was internally moderated, AND an exam -which worked well I believe. Maybe we should be considering this best of both option?

The other reason is – I am an examiner, and I look forward to keeping on top of the latest expectations, mark schemes, and honing my skills once more.

So, looking forward to a very busy year!

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